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As a university professor, back in 2012, I noticed that my students were spending a lot of time on their phones. They appeared to be almost "addicted" to playing games and sharing their status and scores. I thought,

How can I make my class as addictive as those games? How can I make my class so compelling that students want to excel and share their accomplishments with their peers?

Some students already have that kind of personal drive for educational success. However, I was concerned for my students that were at risk of failing or dropping out, and I wanted my strong students to be even stronger! My question became how can I increase my student's motivation and engagement to “up their educational game?”

The answer is a new area of scientific study called "educational gamification". Educational gamification involves drawing out the most motivational and engaging elements of games and injecting them into the class experience. This approach has research-based results demonstrating that gamification helps improve student retention, completion, and performance.

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I created the Delphinium Gamification Engine to "gamify" any course by adding a layer of motivation, engagement, and fun. It also provides helpful tools for instructors to view student progress and to reach out to encourage and help them based on their class status. Here is just a sample of the real impact we've been able to demonstrate in recent academic studies:

Perhaps more importantly, the students' own words demonstrate the power of the Delphinium Gamification Engine:

I felt truly in control of my education.
I knew what I had to do to reach my goal. I liked knowing that a little extra effort would make a difference.
I would spend more time studying for this class than other classes.
I saw that I was doing much better than I thought I was.

I invite you to learn more about how Delphinium can impact your students by joining us in a live demonstration.

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Dr. Jared R. Chapman PhD, MBA, MEd
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