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Most children enjoy learning. Some, however, struggle to learn in a classroom setting due to a variety of reasons such as a learning disability, boredom or lack of engagement, absenteeism, and distraction. One research-based instructional strategy designed to combat discouragement or loss of interest is the gamification of learning. This approach brings familiar elements of games and social media into the class experience. Studies show that gamification increases learning motivation and engagement in the vast majority of students. These studies show improvements in knowledge retention, scores, and completion rates.

I created the Delphinium Gamification Engine to bring an added layer of fun and rewarding experiences to your educational programs. It also provides helpful tools for instructors to view student progress and to reach out to encourage and help them based on their class status. In has been in use for years now with truly amazing results. As I noticed my students spending more and more time playing games, Delphinium grew from this fundamental question:

How can I make my class as addictive as those games? How can I make my class so compelling that students want to excel and share their accomplishments with their peers?

Here is just a sample of the real impact we've been able to demonstrate in recent academic studies:

On this website you will find additional information on the power of gamification in creating fabulous results and read about the experiences of students and teachers who have used Delphinium to achieve impressive educational results. I invite you to learn more about how Delphinium can impact your students by joining us in a live demonstration.

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