About Us

Delphi M.E. helps administrators, educators, and instructional designers improve student success and exceed stakeholder expectations by reducing student withdrawals, failures, and dropouts (WFDs); and improving student performance. Our flagship tool, Delphinium, helps students WANT to engage by supporting key factors of motivation: autonomy; meaning through social interaction and relevance; feelings of success through achievement and recognition; urgency; and fun! As a result, Delphinium promotes more student success than almost any other educational technology tool on the market.

Delphinium is a results-driven and research-based toolset that is powerful, flexible, and feature rich. It is based on proven research in learning, motivation, information design, and gamification. Research shows that Delphinium reduces WFDs and improves academic excellence by adding motivating game elements and information design to existing Canvas courses. It is convenient and easy to use. Students and teachers rave about the experience!

Delphinium is built on the educational gamification research and applied technologies of Dr. Jared Chapman PhD, MBA, M.Ed. Dr. Chapman writes extensively on gamification and is a popular lecturer and keynote presenter on the use of gamification in the improvement of learner performance.

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Jared R. Chapman PhD, MBA, M.Ed.

Dr. Chapman is a researcher and educational technologist. He has 22 years experience facilitating education and training development as a coach, trainer, manager, and professor. His career focus has been creating environments where people can be effective and successful. His broad work experience and education (including work as a general manager, production manager, instructional designer, technology specialist, and trainer) allow him to engage multiple perspectives when designing solutions to educational issues. He has been developing gamification platforms and publishing gamification research since 2012.

David R. Chapman M.Ed.

David Chapman M.Ed. runs the day-to-day operations of Delphi M.E. He is a senior Learning and Organizational Development leader with broad global experience in the performance improvement field. He has served in the corporate sector for over 20 years as an advisor, certified team builder, leadership guide, department manager, curriculum developer, and facilitator in areas such as leadership development, sales, onboarding, job skills, and product training. His professional motivation is to develop individuals to their full workplace potential and to develop organizations to achieve maximum results as their teams work cross-functionally to achieve key business objectives.

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